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Methods of Selection for Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) Employment Agency​

Methods of Selection for Foreign Domestic Helper (FDH) Employment Agency

There are two main types of employment agencies in Malaysia that you can look out for. Each has its own characteristics, with strengths and weaknesses.

Small Agencies

Small agencies are usually more flexible in terms of their procedures, contract terms and are well suited to meeting customers’ requirements. Small agencies are also very flexible in terms of pricing, and this plays a huge part in “satisfying” the customers.

But smaller agencies are often not comprehensive enough with a lack of quality due to lack of resources, which leads to a narrow scope of services, such as the inability to provide more comprehensive follow-up and translation services after the arrival of the FDH. The quality and selection of the FDH is also not guaranteed, which may not be what customers are looking for.

Large Agencies

On the other hand, larger agencies, especially those with a longer history, rich resources, experience and good reputation look to be a much better choice. Larger agencies usually have a strong overseas network and training centers within local countries, and can provide more quality and selection of FDH. Large agencies also provide more comprehensive after-sale services, such as foreign domestic helpers’ training sessions, translation services, improvement courses and so much more.

However, larger agencies also tend to have a lot of administrative red tape to go through, due to its set-in-place and often conservative systems. This leads to a slower turnaround time. However, this seems to be a small blip if you’re looking for quality helpers, in which larger agencies are able to provide.

Qualifications for Application for Helpers from Abroad

Qualifications for Application for Helpers from Abroad

For employers who are looking to hire a FDH, these are some of the eligibility requirements to take note of.

  • Applications can be submitted by the employer or through employment agencies registered with the Immigration Department of Malaysia at the Immigration office of the State as per employer’s address.
  • Make sure the application form and required documents are complete before submission
  • The employer and his spouse should have:
    • Children under 15 years of age OR
    • Parents who are sick / ill

The employer must earn an income, and each family is eligible to apply for one (1) FDH.

The employer qualifying wages according to the country of origin:

Country of Origin

Employer’s Net Income (Monthly)

Payment (Personal Bond)


RM3,000 and above

RM 250.00


RM 5,000.00 and above

RM 750.00

Sri Lanka

RM 5,000.00



RM 3,000.00

RM 1500.00


RM 3,000.00

RM 250.00

  • Employers who have been declared bankrupt are not eligible to apply.
  • In order to apply for second Foreign Domestic Helper, the employer must:
    • have a valid reason
    • have income under the conditions stipulated by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  • Employers who are Muslims are only allowed to hire Muslim Foreign Domestic Helpers.
  • Once the FDH arrives in this country, the employer should:
    • ensure that the FDH undergoes a medical examination at any clinic appointed by Fomema Sdn. Bhd.. and
    • obtain the PL (KS) sticker from the State Immigration Department which will be issued within 1 month from the date of arrival.
Differences between Philippines & Indonesian FDH

Differences between Philippines & Indonesian FDH

When selecting domestic helpers, the employer could also have considerations on many aspects based on the characteristics of domestic helpers from different countries in addition to the individual needs of each family.

Below is a table breakdown of the differences between FDH from the most popular country of choice in Malaysia; Philippines and Indonesia.

EducationUniversity/Junior collegeJunior high school
Language SkillEnglish (High level)Bahasa
Training PeriodAround 14 days for certifiedAround 2-3 months for certified
Experience in HouseworkHas work experience in mainly Middle East and MalaysiaHas work experience mainly in Singapore, Malaysia &  Middle East

FDH from the Philippines have a generally higher education level, with greater conversational skills in English.

As the Philippines have a generally higher standard of living, they find it easier to adapt and learn the living style in Malaysia. Most Philippines FDHs are well appreciated among Malaysian employers because they have strong adaptability and experience overall, though they are slightly pricier.

Indonesian FDHs are hard-working, honest, have integrity and generally more submissive.

With the mandate from the Indonesian government in actively encouraging employment agencies to provide more professional training and stricter examination on household domestic helpers, the quality of Indonesian FDHs have greatly improved.

Indonesian FDHs are also well-liked by Malaysian employers due to their ability to converse in Bahasa and English.


Monthly salary : USD400 equivalent to RM1,680.00 including 4 days off.

Day off pay per day: RM 65.00

Monthly Salary : RM1269 including 4 days off.
Useful Information

Useful Information


For more common FAQs regarding the hiring of Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), please refer to the official website of the Immigration Department of Malaysia: Here

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